An Introduction to Tablet of Mulla Baqir

An Introduction to the Tablet to Mulla Baqir Nader Saiedi

One of the most important works of the Bab is his tablet to Mulla Baqir. This tablet was revealed in honor of the letter of the living, Mulla Baqir Tabrizi who asked the Bab about the signs, timing, and conditions of the revelation of Him Whom God shall make manifest. Therefore, it constitutes the Bab’s most direct and elaborate discussion of the Promised One of the Bayan. That same question was addressed to the Bab by his prominent disciple Sayyid Yahya Darabi and the Bab sent this same table to him as well. In this short paper we discuss the central significance of this tablet, investigate its content, and explore Bab’s new logic and method of recognizing the Promised One. The Addressee of the Tablet Tablet to Mulla Baqir is revealed during the last months of the Bab’s imprisonment in Chihriq. 1 Although the tablet was sent by the Bab to both Mulla Baqir and Sayyid Yaya Darabi, the real addressee is the letter of the living Mulla Baqir Tabrizi. Throughout the tablet the Bab is addressing “the letter of the living,” indicating that, due to his illegitimate question, if Mulla Baqir were not a letter of the living he would have ordained a punishment for him. Likewise, at the end of the tablet Mulla Baqir is given the glad tiding that he would attain the presence of Him Whom God shall make manifest at the end of the year eight and the beginning of the year nine. Yahya Darabi was martyred before that date. Mulla Baqir was the last surviving letter of the living and for that reason he was known as “the Letter of the Living”. one can say that he was truly the Letter of the Living because he was the letter who formally recognized Baha’u’llah. According to the tablet to Mulla Baqir no letter of the living who fails to recognize the Promised One is a true letter of the living: Were I to be assured that in the day of His Manifestation thou wilt deny Him, I would unhesitatingly disown thee and repudiate thy faith inasmuch as thou wert not created but to recognise Him. 2 The other surviving letter of the living Mirza Hadi Qazvinin did not recognize Baha’u’llah. In a tablet revealed by Baha’u’llah in honor of Mulla Baqir Tabrizi, he is told to rise and proclaim the new revelation to all including to the other letter of the living, “letter Ha’” namely Hadi Qazvini. Bhaha’u’llah says that since we quickened all beings through the letters of the living and you are one of them, therefore you are the most worthy and most prominent person to proclaim the Cause of your Unconstrained Lord. 3 Mulla Baqir was a student of Sayyid Kazim Rashti who lived in Karbila. After the passing of his teacher he travelled to Shiraz and became one of the letters of the living. He travelled to different places to teach the Faith and then returned to Karbila. At the time of departure of Tahirih from Baghdad, Mulla Baqir accompanied her to Qazvin and after the onset of troubles in Qavin he went to Tehran. He attended the Badasht conference and attained the presence of the Bab a number of times in Chihriq. He accompanied Baha’u’llah to go to Mazandaran for joining the Babis in Tabarsi upheaval. He was the person who brought the tablet of the Bab consisting of 360 derivatives of the word Baha from Chihriq to Qum,

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